Como restaurar a função Predesktop do RnR

Este método permite reparar a partição, de modo a que se possa efectuar a restauração das definições iniciais, resolução de problemas sem iniciar o Windows, etc:

Método alternativo (não testado) - fonte:

If you have a complete hidden recovery partition,

-boot from acronis disk director cd, or alternative, set the hidden partition "active" ( so to have it as a boot partition),
-delete all other existing partitions to your liking,
-move partition to a position you like on the hdd, or leave as is,
-reboot straight into rescue and recovery,
-proceed as normal,
-when asked to reboot, boot from cd again in order to change hidden partition status by setting partition C: active,
-reboot and proceed as usual.


this way you can set up any hdd from just a hidden partition saved on any backup medium once mirrored back by acronis true image, as well.
p.s.: no need for an ibm mbr!

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